Kia Forte 4-door Sedan Rendering Leaks Before Official Launch

We have gotten our hands on a highly-interesting image rendering that appears to reveal the look of the next-generation Forte 4-door sedan.

After roughly four years on the market, the Forte will soon be replaced by a fully redesigned model.

The second-generation Kia Forte is expected to hit the dealerships across the globe sometime in 2013.

It will feature 3 body-styles, including a 4-door sedan form, 2-door coupe and 5-door hatchback body-style.

Pictured here is probably the 2013 Forte sedan.

If the production-ready model gets the same attractive exterior design as the model at the image rendering, then Kia has another hit on their hands.

Let’s wait a few more months to see the final, production-ready Forte sedan!

The Forte is also available as a 5-door hatchback in the USA (learn more about the 2016 Kia Forte 5 here).

Kia Forte official image rendering

Stay tuned for more news about Kia Motors Corporation and their striking cars, SUVs and minivans!

10 thoughts on “Kia Forte 4-door Sedan Rendering Leaks Before Official Launch

  1. I can’t wait to see the car “in the flesh” or a reasonable facsimilie thereof…I own a 2010 Kia Forte sedan and I like the styling. I reminds me of an Audi and I call it my “poor man’s Audi ” ;-D

  2. tiger nose design will make kia cars monotone and cerato is not lucky in terms of design , it is 2nd class compared with elantra

  3. This design looks better than Hyundai’s current Sonata with its Joker-grin-like grill that is so ugly (the previous model was better looking, and just needed a few touches). Also the present Elantra looks like a Bug with those bulging front light and mouth-like grill. Both Sonata and Elantra need a careful and more conservative Redesign. I think the present Kia Forte and Optimas look Good. The 2013 design is a wise, not radical, change.

  4. Agree, GeorgeLC, with your assessment of the nasty Sonata and Elantra…I spouted my views on the nasty Sonata on Edmunds.com’s ‘Midsize Sedans Thread’ and espoused instead the beautiful Suzuki Kizashi. For that matter the new world order Kia Optima I praised, too, and man did those dorks have a thrombo over there! I really started pissing them off because I wouldn’t shut up about how good a rig the new Kizashi from Suzuki is. Repetition times 20 and well…you get the point!

  5. The timing seems wrong.

    Here in North America, the Forte was released as a 2010 model. This would mean that an all-new Forte would be released after only 3 model-years? Hard to believe.

    Normally, we should be expecting a *facelifted* model for 2013, not an all-new model.

  6. @BernardP, the current Forte has been such a bomb, they are giving up and putting it on the new Elantra’s platform. There is no “facelifting” it, it was Kia’s biggest flop in all of their “design-led transformation”. Take it off of life support and put it out of its misery. If they sold the Borrego as a 2012 it would probably outsell the Forte.

  7. I will race you any day of the week. I know for a fact the Sedona accelerates faster than the Forte…while carrying 7 people. I can go from 0-125 in 35 seconds The Forte won’t go that fast because it is limited to 120 MPH. I have a picture of my Sedona going 124 – and it felt like I was only going 80. I linked the picture…. Beyond that…..yeah, the Borrego outsold the Sedona. Minivans have their purpose, I use mine for a delivery vehicle. The Borrego sits up too high, and the Sorento doesn’t have captains chairs in the second row. Therefore, the Sedona is the only option I have from Kia.
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  8. Captains chairs make installing car seats tons easier. Not only that, but they come all the way out to increase cargo capacity. I could never haul everything I need in a Sorento – even with the Seats folded down. I have used my aunt’s Borrego, but it is simply too tall. Before you go bashing the Sedona’s cornering, I can easily take a 40 MPH corner at 75 MPH. If you haven’t noticed, I continually bash the Sedona’s outdatedness. However, the Sedona is not nearly Kia’s most important segment. The C-segment is the most important car market in the USA, and Kia can’t relax for 5 minutes. The minivan market is lukewarm, as minivans are purpose-built, purpose-bought vehicles. Kia should be ashamed that the Sorento is their best-selling vehicle. Sedans are typical best sellers, and C & D segment cars are the most important in terms of sales. Kia has hit a home run in the D-segment, but they are having a hard time making first base in the C-segment. Why would you buy a Forte at 36 MPG when you can have an Elantra at 40 MPG? Why would you buy a Forte over a Focus or a Mazda3? You can easily get more features and more MPG in those cars for the same price. The only thing keeping Sedona sales alive is that it is $10k cheaper than a Sienna or Odyssey.

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