2012 Kia “Best Buys”

Kia has built up a solid reputation of producing quality, fuel efficient vehicles at an affordable price, and while it’s one thing for them to talk about it in their ads and press releases, it’s quite another to have that hard work and dedication recognized by a trusted, reliable source.

That recognition came this week in the form of 4 Kia vehicles being voted “Best Buys” by Consumer’s Digest, a leading consumer resource for automotive reviews. The cars which were given the honor were the 2012 versions of the Optima, Soul, Sorento and Sportage, and the news completed a great October for Kia, who once again managed to set another sales record, which now makes 14 consecutive months of upward sales trends.

Kia Motors America vice president of marketing and communications Michael Sprague expressed the company’s delight with the showing in the magazine, stating that the recognition proves that awareness of the company brand, and their commitment to quality, is very much on the rise.

In order to come up with “Best Buy” tag, Consumers Digest takes into account a number of important factors, which usually boil down to purchase price and ownership costs, comfort, performance and utility.

There was much to admire in all 4 of the recognized vehicles, but there were some definite things in each that set them apart from the other cars in their class.

The 2012 Kia Optima is loaded with high tech features such as an Infinity audio system, HD radio and the Microsoft powered UVO infotainment system. Combine that with fantastic fuel efficiency and a huge list of safety features, all for a starting price of $19.500, and it’s easy to see why it made the list.

The Sorento CUV has all the same technological features as the Optima, and also has an interior that is on a par with a luxury vehicle valued at twice the price of the Sorento’s $21.250 starting price tag.

The funky Kia Soul crossover has taken the performance of its class up a notch with new 1,6L GDI engine and increased horsepower, yet still 35 MPG highway, and all for an incredibly low $13.900 MSRP.

The 2012 Sportage is a perfect mixture of power, style and sleek design, and still manages to provide that remarkable fuel efficiency that has become the staple of every Kia vehicle. It also boasts the cool technological upgrades and industry leading safety features, yet still manages to come in at a mere $18.500 starting price.

As great as the “Best Buy” accolades are, it would seem that Consumers Digest are simply stating the obvious, because if you look at the sales increases for the past 14 months, it’s pretty obvious that the average car buyer knew a best buy when they saw it.

9 thoughts on “2012 Kia “Best Buys”

  1. Guess the 2012 Kia Rio5 did`nt make the List due to the fact that it was launched after the “picks” were made.

  2. just to let you know I purchased a 2012 Soul 4u automatic in Mint, on the weekend trading in my ’08 Rondo EX for it. Now getting used to all the features, the UVO is great!

  3. I’ve seen one ’12 Rio5, it was on a flatbed truck and it looked awesome as hell up there. Congrats from this site, too, conwelpic, I already gave ya a congrats from your Edmunds.com entry. That is an awesome purchase you made!

  4. Greg, it was about 79,000 km on the Rondo when I traded it in. Great vehicle, reliable but just wanted a change and always liked the Soul since it first came out in Canada, but with all the great new features added for 2012 we decided to take the plunge. The wife had no problem with doing it, so it was a go!
    Sure like the Infinity sound system with the 8 speakers and nice to have a sunroof again (had one on a car years ago and enjoyed it, but that was just an after market pop-up).

  5. So far, after two weeks of ownership, I`m really happy with my 2012 Kia Rio5. Have got lots of compliments on it and it looks great, IMO, in Clear White with the Beige Interior. I`m satisfied with the LX Trim because I got the optional Power Package with the PW and PL with Remote Key Fob. That was a (must) for me. With all the congestion in South FL even on the Highways and Turnpike, I only had the chance to use the Cruise Control a few times a year, so for me, that was not a deal breaker. I actually like the all Black Grill without the Chrome Surround because it blends well with all the other Black Trim including the Fog Light knockout plugs. I don`t use “Bluetooth”, so that was not an issue either. The cloth fabric seating in the LX , to me, is as nice if not nicer in Pattern design then the cloth material used in the EX and SX Trim. Whats left? Oh, the Cloth covered door armrest, would have been a nice touch for Kia to have included, but again, for me, no big deal.. Only one complaint to speak of. Just as the 2011 Ford Fiesta did not come with a Center console Armrest with storage, neither does the 2012 KIa Rio5 LX. I solved the problem with the Fiesta by purchasing an OEM aftermarket unit and had it installed. Funny, Kia offers one for its 2010 thru 2012 Kia Soul, models that did not come with one, but oddly enough, do not have one available (yet) for the 2012 Kia Rio. Hope either KIa ends up making one or “Boomerang” that manufactured the OEM unit for the Fiesta brings one to market soon. It was inexcusable IMO not to at least put in a drivers seat folding armrest in the LX Trim as (all) KIa Rio`s have had one from 2006 thru 2011. Still, all in all, very happy with my purchase.

  6. Wonder if the Russian model Kia Rio`s have a bottle or two of Vodka in the wheel well of the trunk instead of a emergency spare tire and jack like U.S. Models. I`d prefer a bottle or two of good Spirits instead of the Toy- Mini Air Compressor and a can of tire sealant goo. Just saying…….

  7. Just picked up our 2012 KIA Sportage, and I must say very impressed with the stype and performance. Looked @ Escape, CRV, Forester, and a few others. Hands down Spoertage showed better fuel eco, ride and fit and finish and of course PRICE.

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