2011 Kia Pro_cee’d facelift images

First official images of the new Kia Pro_cee’d facelift appear on the web!

Kia Pro_cee’d receives a mid-cycle facelift that brings a few styling updates to the model.

The facelifted Pro_cee’d 3-door features a revised front fascia which boasts Kia’s “H-shapped” signature grille, new set of headlamps and revised front bumper with larger air-intakes.

In addition to the exterior styling updates, the three-door model gets a revised 1,6L four-cylinder diesel engine with 128 horsepower and 255 Nm of torque.

The updated pro_cee’d will be officially unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show next year, while sales are slated to commence shortly after its official unveiling!

Kia Pro_cee’d facelift image gallery:

Kia proceed new 2011 150x150 2011 Kia Pro ceed facelift images proceed  Kia proceed facelift 150x150 2011 Kia Pro ceed facelift images proceed  2011 kia proceed 150x150 2011 Kia Pro ceed facelift images proceed

6 thoughts on “2011 Kia Pro_cee’d facelift images

  1. Wow! It is about time they revised the pro_cee’d, too. Why wasn’t it facelifted with the other cee’ds? When are the forums going to be back up? I just bought a fully loaded 2006 Sedona EX, and I want to post pictures. Got an awesome deal. 7k for everything, it is light blue, gray leather interior and 131,300 miles. The interior looks like brand new!

  2. Somthing is very fishy here. Think about it: Now why one month before the NAIAS would they be revealing the Proceed which will arrive in March? According to some data, Kia is bringing out a concept at the NAIAS. Now back in Dec. 04′ was the Mesa sketch. And a year later was a sketch of the side profile of the Soul. And after that Kia displayed the rearend of the Kue. After that was the Borrego then the Soulster and then the Sorento’s UVO. So why would Kia tease us with a facelift Pro-ceed in Dec. For Geneva? Interesting. I wonder what that concept will look like? What if its the K9 concept? Or a Borrego crossover? What if its the production version of the Kee to go up against the Nissan Z? For some reason Kia does not want us to see any teasers yet. You know what that means? It means Kia created a very aggressive, groundbreaking concept with grounbreaking technology that maybe Hyundai itself does not have. Another thought came to mind. KIA is up to somthing. Somthing big, supeising, scary, fast somthing I don’t know what it is yet but I’m going to find out…… Or my name ain’t JTZ.

  3. Will there is a sketch Kia revealed called the KV7 it looks like a van……. And yet it looks like a crossover….. And yet it doesn’t. I usually find vans ugly, big and pointless because off CUVs. But when I look at this drawing I don’t see another big, dumb, stupid, ugly and slow accelerating van like the Odessey, Town in Country, Sienna or Quest. I see something aggressive and proud to call it a van or crossover. I see this as an Explorer rival and minivan rival. I see this as a Ford Flex however I don’t see the Flex like I see this Kia rivaling against the Grand Cherokee. This Kia looks like it can rival with the Traverse and Caravan. Interesting its like killing two birds with one stone. Think about it. Instead of having the Sedona and Borrego in production, which is a ton of money to produce like the Odessey and Pilot, Sienna and 4 Runner, Flex and Explored and Pathfinder and Quest, its like Kia created a vehicle that can compete both ways saving them money. That’s a good idea. I never thought Kia would make a van I actually want. Heck I never thought in auto maker would make a van I desire. I can’t wait until the NAIAS.

  4. I sure would to see the diesel here in the US. I drove one when I was over in Hwasung and it was quick!!

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