2011 Kia Cadenza / K7: new images with pricing & engine details

We are bringing you a couple of more images of the all-new 2011 Kia Cadenza / K7 together with some pricing and engine details, provided to us by friends over at Korean Kia K7 club.

Engines: 290-hp 3.5V6, 2.7L V6 with 200-hp and 2.4L Theta II with 180-hp will be available at launch, while 201-hp Theta II GDI (gasoline direct injection) will be available from October 2010.

Estimated pricing: Korean K7 will start at 28 million Korean Won (US$23.800), while the top of the range K7 will go for 40 million Korean Won ($34.000). [Source: K7club.net]

Update: Follow the link to see the very first Kia K7 interior images!

Kia Cadenza / K7 gallery:

2011kiak7.jpg   k7kia1.jpg    2011kia-k7.jpg

kiaheadlamps.jpg   kia-k7.jpg    kia-k7-taillights.jpg

28 thoughts on “2011 Kia Cadenza / K7: new images with pricing & engine details

  1. It’s so beautiful in white or black. Really amazing! And it’s good to hear that there are 3 other gasoline engines availiable, that are not GDI (because GDI isn’t supportetd by all LPI converters).
    I just wonder if that are halogen or xenon lamps. It looks more like xenon, but then again, where is the headlight cleaning system? hmm…

    Anyways: Really good job mr Schreyer and co. :)

  2. Wow really??? Hyundai/Kia can’t seem to drop that piece of **** Delta 2.7 can they… not impressed. Why even bother when there is already a DI 4 cylinder that makes similar figures but weighs less???

  3. Nice replacement for the Magentis/Optima, this is a nearby sister Sonata, same prices too (almost).
    With these engines that’s no Azera clone at all since in US, only the Lambda 3.8 V6 is offered in Azera!

  4. GOOD GOD! look out (boring) Camry and (appliance)Accord…now we have a German looking sedan with South Korean reliability (great 100k mile warranty) and pricing, all mixed together with the sexiness of an Italian coupe…send one to my home TODAY!


  6. Magentis replacement? Are you kidding?

    This car is a large sedan, it is same class with Nissan maxima/Toyota Avalon/Honda legend/Pontiac G8…. Even Lexus ES!

  7. I like the white, not so much like Peal White, though. This one looks nice with the good ‘ole polar looking white. Good job on this one, I think it will be a good seller for Kia.

  8. The Lights are too white to be Zenon Lamps.

    True Zenons come in:



    Light Blue

    Mid Blue

    Deep Blue


    Light Purple

    Deep Purple

    Mid Purple

  9. The Cadenza WILL NOT replace the Optima, but the Amanti. It will be in the states summer 2010.

  10. The Optima replacement spy shots look BAD, as in good. It looks beasty, like they plan on dropping a mosnter in there for an option. It looks like a car Detroit should do, but are scared to.

  11. This is not a replacement of anything. it is like a brother model of hyundai azera, and will be a new lineup for kia.. maybe between amanti (opirus) and optima? Just like azera is somewhere between genesis and sonata

  12. This was made to take the place of the Amanti in the market. It is actually slightly (less than one inch) bigger than the Amanti. There will be a more Genesis sized car coming soon.

  13. the rear looks like an audi, the front looks like a c class, but it looks pretty stately and expensive. I would honestly take it over a hyundai genesis v6

  14. Hi am Ru’ya from Iraq, am intemding to buy Cadenza K7 2011 , and i wonder if anyone knows the price of transferring the car from Korea to Iraq, bcoz the transferring from Dubai to Iraq costs 1500 U$,
    thanks in advance,

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