2010 Kia VG sedan spotted testing in cold weather

Not due to go on sale until later this year, the 2010 Kia VG sedan has been spotted again.

According to Globalmotors, the source of latest spy pics, the 2010 Kia VG has been spied in Sweden where it was undergoing some cold-weather testing.

So far, we have seen plenty of spy shots revealing the VG sedan to feature a sleek and sporty exterior shape, but this is the first time spies have managed to snap a quality interior picture, which proves that Kia has also paid full attention designing the cockpit.

Compared to the current mid-sized Kia offerings, the VG features a more modern interior layout, with three large circular dials and a very cool-looking four spoke steering wheel accented with some wood-aluminum combination.

The VG’s center console is covered with some black vinyls, but I bet it’s hiding a navigation LCD display beneath. You can also see a couple of cup holders placed aside the automatic gear shifter.

Codenamed VG, the future Kia sedan is expected to share a platform with the next generation Hyundai Azera as well as the same core engine range, including a second generation 2.4L Theta four-cylinder and a tweaked 3.3L LambdaV6.

America will also get a 3.8L Lambda with an estimated power output of 270+ horsepower.

Speaking of it’s platform, there are some rumors spreading that Kia VG could become the first Kia sedan to feature an AWD system supplied by Swedish Haldex.

A while ago, we have published a report about Haldex to deliver a prototype installation of an electronic all-wheel drive (AWD) system to Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

The VG sedan is slated to make it’s official Korean debut in September this year, while it’s US premiere is scheduled for spring 2010. [Source & more pics: Globalmotors]

kia-vg-5.jpg     kia-vg-3.jpg     kia-vg-6.jpg

13 thoughts on “2010 Kia VG sedan spotted testing in cold weather

  1. I hope the AWD comes with this. My dealership has been getting killed lately by Subaru. Now if we could just get a hybred!

  2. hey! someone broke the driver’s seat! lol anyway, its a very promising interior so far.

  3. Yes an AWD model in the Kia lineup would be very nice…..a hybrid though? Not sold. The techonology is not cost effective at this time for Kia vehicles. I would prefer they develop another technology such as fuel cell vehicles.

  4. i like it already! looks like kia’s got a new steering wheel theme too. does it look familiar???

  5. the only wheel I recall looking at that steering, is honda’s steering wheels [like civic]. not exactly honda’s but the basic idea looks like that. but i don’t recall any kia with that…

  6. forte, soul, & now this. i’m sure it’ll end up on some other models as well. but before – all of them pretty much looked different.

  7. forte, soul and No3 have a different stering. and it suits cars in segments A-C and I think Kia will only use it on cars in this seg. this one looks different unless thats a cover on the wheel…

  8. Looks good so far and the idea of AWD from Haldex is promising. I want to see the interior in black.

    Off topic, has anyone heard those rumors of Kia being interested in buying SAAB? I think that’d be pretty cool!

  9. Kia would be damn stupid to buy SAAB. I love SAAB and would hate to see them go under but they are bleeding so much red right now it’s going to be hard to find ANYONE that would want to buy them….or Volvo for that matter.

  10. Kid Icarus – about your hybrid comment… it would be more than cost effective if the vehicle sells, as there is already a system being developed by Hyundai for their new Sonata. The whole point of HKAG developing a platform/technology is to make it as widely used as possible and therefore maximizing profits. (ie the Genesis platform… they are planning to base a lot more vehicles off it… just like Infiniti!)

  11. Saab’s aren’t Saab’s anymore, they are the GM rejects, rebadged turds, just like the Saturds. GM marketing killed itself. The y need to dumped the idiots in marketingand start fresh. Want to save GM? why don’t they release the new Camaro for the right price?

  12. I was told that the AWD model would be the top of the line by a KIA rep. I was also told that This would be KIAs top car, since they are not getting a version of the Genesis. I heard a rumor that KIA will not get a Sonata as an Optima as well, and that KIA will axe the Optima in 2012.

    By the way, I went to the dealership today, and the SOUL is not only a great car, but its a big car. Its as tall as a Sportage, but Rio length, since they use the same platform.

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