2010 Kia Forte spied testing in U.S.

Just a day after we brought you a teaser shot of 2009 Kia Forte (Spectra successor), Brenda Priddy&Co. spy photographers surprised us and delievered an awesome set of spy pics showcasing Kia Forte prototype undergoing testing on US soil.

The higher frequency of the appearance of Kia’s four door sedan indicates that Forte entered the final stage of testing and points at it’s nearing debut.

Despite the camo attached, it’s clear that the upcoming Kia sedan, code-named TD, takes it’s styling cues from Kia’s two door KOUP concept.

The automaker’s new design language, set by automobile design guru Peter Schreyer -former Audi employee, will influence every aspect of the four door’s exterior with a clean and sporty lines.

While Kia has already cleared it’s intentions to officially launch Korean-market Forte on 21st of August, it remains unknown when precisely the new model will be hitting US dealerships.

Fast spreading rumours indicate Forte will be making an official US debut at the North American International Auto Show next year and should arrive at dealerships early in 2009.

No official information is yet available about possible powerplant options that might be offered on US Kia Forte, however we can speculate that one of the likely engine trim will include the 143hp – 2.0L engine, already used in European Kia cee’d. [Source: Leftlanenews -more pics!!!]

spectra-3.jpg      spectra-4.jpg      spectra-1.jpg

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  1. Most of the people that comment on LeftLane are ignorant, stupid, and know not much about cars, the way that they keep bashing Kia.

  2. Hey there’s a Genesis coupe parked next to it. anyone know where that regestration plate belongs?

  3. HOLY CRAP! I am in the same state as the new Spectra!!!! It is only…..247.07 Miles away from me!! It is in Ann Arbor, Michigan!!!

  4. Just to inform you, directly posting the spy shots is condemned by Leftlane as they purchased the copyrights for a lot of money. Next time you post spyshots, only post a cropped image and link the visitors to the original site. I’m letting you know before legal things start to come in.


  5. Things I’ve noticed with these pictures: They appear to have removed the side indicator (originally on the fender) that you all know I love and prefer :( They also have changed the tail lamp turn signals to red covered housing, rather than the clear housing (and assumed orange/ amber colored bulbs). So I guess the rear signals will be red on the USDM version, just like the USDM Hyundai Elantra (and platform sibling to the new Spectra TD). This is also a frown from Jason :( I also prefer orange/ amber colored turn signals on vehicles, though there’s no rules about that in the USA- the Amanti and Optima both have red signals (and even worse- the Optima uses the brake lamp also as a turn signal). On a different note, they have moved the aerial/ radio antenna to the top, similar to every other Kia without rear window integrated antenna (Optima, long wheel base Sedona and Amanti). I think the next generation Sorento also has the rear roof mounted antenna?

  6. Hummm….it might be just me…but…the things you’re disgusted with mean squat to me. If this is the rig I wanted, I’d buy it. Just like Kia made it. Do you tend to want to turn your cars in to your own quasi-creation, like tuners do? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! =;)

  7. Two questions for ya, Jason. 1) Do you signal your intention to change lanes, before changing lanes? I’d guess that you definitely do. 2) Do you, like I, notice the phenomenon sweeping across the U.S., that being this, that moronic U.S. drivers no longer feel the need to follow the driver’s guide and signal their intention to change lanes? Boris and Greg, when you start out on the highway driving, make sure you signal your intention to change lanes. We got a whole lot of dorks in America who feel no need to do just that. It’s getting worse every year. Do these people earn a paycheck? Do they not only text while they drive but talk on their cellphones whilst they drive, too? And they also buy GM products, too! Yikeess and spikeeess! They’re all around me!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HOLY CRAP! I am in the same state as the new Spectra!!!!
    exactly. I was doubtful at first cuz you didnt say anything about it in your first comment. but it just seems you hadnt noticed it until I gave a hint. Anyway, Jason, I think the turn indicators supossed to be on the fender is optional like on most Kias.

  9. It isn’t optoinal in the USA (fender signals). Manistee is the worst place for no turn signals. I hate being a pedestrian! People turn, merge, text, and call without blinking. I really don’t get the point of taking 10 minutes to text something that you could call and tell the person and be done with it in under a minute. Driving and talking on a cell phone is extremely dangerous, and should be illegal, and those who are caught should get heavily fined. They did it in New York, and Canada, and now, the other 49 states (and 194 countries) need to get their lawmakers into gear!!

  10. I’ve seen some horrible pics on the net of a dude who liked texting a bit too much(rammed in to a sitting semi on the freeway) and it cost him his life. Let’s just say he was split in a couple of pieces. I wished I hadn’t looked at those pics.



  13. So, how was your trip to the Kia dealership? Did you demand they sell you a car for $5,000, and they wouldn’t do it? Oh, boo, Kia must suck now.

  14. What really annoys me is that the 2011 Rio is NOT available with ESC. 2012 model year vehicles are REQUIRED to have ESC. Kia is waiting until the last minute, and it is really angering me. The Rio needed ESC when it got its facelift last year – Kia is putting their Rio customers in danger.

  15. greg guess what you know how you told me that you like the optima well there making the 2011 optima configurator

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