The 160-Horsepower Niro Concept Features Electric Hybrid Drivetrain

The Niro crossover was designed to show off a sturdy, muscular stance, despite the fact that it comes with definite compact dimensions.

The all-new platform that it sits on will likely be what is used should Kia eventually deliver a B-segment product.

It’s obvious that the Kia design team had a muscular look in mind when they started out.

That great looking body is set of by a two-tone color scheme that really catches the eye.

This is definitely a city car, though, coming in at 4185mm overall length, 1850mm width and 1558 mm height.

The aforemention color scheme is called ‘Nightfall’ whose dark tone is brilliantly contrasted by a stainless steel roof. The colors cover the entire exterior and give the Niro a distincly technological feel.

There are also ‘Limelight’ aluminum touches found on the tiger-nose grille, front and rear towing hooks, bonnet-located air outlet and other elements.

Kia Niro Design Photos

The chunky design of the Niro is done on purpose to create more interior space in such a small car.

The front valanc features a look previously seen on the Provo concept in Geneva, which are asymmetric air vent holes.

The aggressive look at the front is set off by an ice-cube light srt up that provides dip and main beam lights. There are also strip daytime running lights and built-in quartered spot lights.

Butterfly doors provide netry into the cabin, swinging up high as they open. The door mirrors come with built-in cameras that face downward.

The rear of the car also features a video camera, but it has another little surprise up its sleeve.

That comes in the form of a section of the light cluster that lifts up to allow plenty of light and visibility into the cargo area. The secondary part that is left behind to allow other drivers on the road to be able to see the car in darker conditions.

The look is finished off by the addition of special 225/40R20 that are mounted to 20-inch aluminum 5-spoke wheels.

While the Niro may appear to be nothing more than a fun look into Kia’s B-segment future, it’s not all about thinking ahead.

This is a segment that is literally exploding in Europe and the Niro, just like the Provo, is all about finding a way into that segment.

Kia Niro Designer Sketches


Turbo Engine, Regenerative Braking

The Niro comes with a turbocharged 1.6-litre ‘Gamma’ turbo engine, developing 160 horsepower under the hood.

That engine serves the front wheels, with the rear wheels powered by an electric-hybrid system that gets its power from regenerative braking.

Kia has no concrete plans about the future of the B-segment and there are no plans to put the Niro into production. That said, plans could change if the feedback at the Frankfurt Auto Show is on the positive side. [Source: press]

The new Niro concept was put on display in Frankfurt alongside the Euro-market Soul crossover vehicle and Picanto LPG.

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